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Revisiting Section 31


11/26/08 - Forward Fuse - 4 hours

I have been meaning to finish up this section for a while. In order to do so I had to make the rib modifications so my avionics will fit. So I cut the ribs and formed angle to reinforce them.


Another thing I did was to cut a new panel so I could get rid of the row of screws along the lower part of the panel. I used the original panel as a template to cut the shape and to drill the screw holes. I took the lower piece and cut it down and then re-drilled the screw holes along the bottom edge.



12/1/08 - Priming - 3 hours


12/28/08 - More Assembly - 3 hours

Before getting to section 34 I have a few other things I need to take care of. So I finally assembled the forward fuselage.


12/29/08 - More Assembly - 3 hours



12/30/08 - Painting the Interior - 8 hours

Finally I am at a point where I can tape everything off and spray the interior with paint. So I went down to Lowes and bought a bunch of plastic tarps and masking tape. Then I spent the rest of the day getting everything prepped.

Finally I was able to shoot a coat of paint on the interior before dinner. Then after about 15 minutes I put a second coat.

The paint I used is Sherwin Williams JetFlex. I got it from TexAir. This is the same paint I used for the RV-9A.


1/9/09 - Section 36 - 2 hours

Happy New Year. Time to get busy on this airplane.

Now that the paint has cured I can finally install some of the systems, starting with the brake lines.


1/10/09 - Brakes, Fuel lines - 8 hours

The brake lines are pretty easy as they are made from easily bendable 1/4" soft aluminum tubing.


I made the mistake of riveting the front vents to the sides of the tunnel. I now know why they have you wait to rivet these. It's because it would be easier to install the brake lines. So, since I already riveted them, I had to do a bit of juggling to make the brake lines.



I am installing a parking brake valve. At this point I realized that I don't have all the fittings I need to complete the installation, so I guess Monday I will place yet anoter order to Van's.

I need three more AN816-4D nipple fittings. I also need to get a push-pull cable.


This is the Andair fuel selector, along with the F-Swivel Tee that I bought from Vans. Some builders have put the valve at the bottom of the tunnel and attached an extension to the switch that extends up to the tunnel cover. I am installing mine in much the same way as the stock fuel selector, so I am preparing to make my fuel lines in such a way to still allow the SCAT tubing to pass through without interfering with the fuel lines.



Here are the fuel lines that come from the wing tanks. This took a long time...probably two hours or more.

NOTE: this install was incorrect. Another builder caught my mistake and emailed to tell me that if I set it up this way, the Andair valve would operate backwards. So go see my note on section 41 for the new installation.


Here is one of a couple really short fuel lines that I made. They go between the filter and the pump, and between the pump and the fuel flow sensor...



...like this



Here is the most difficult fuel line of all. I needed this one to be offset to allow the SCAT tubing to pass through.



Here I have done the initial fitting of the fuel filter and pump.



I have one fuel line left to make...it attaches right there in the middle.

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